On our last full day with The Car, we took a drive through counties Louth, Meath and into Cavan.  Frank’s dad, Anthony, is a great cyclist and told us this was a pretty part of the country (though really, what parts of Ireland aren’t gorgeous?), so we took his advice, packed a lunch and headed off to someplace new.

Ireland Map for Quick Reference

We got caught in a Spring rainstorm in Kells, had tea and cake in Cavan (the town), drove around some of the lakes (including Lough Inchin, pictured below), walked around the bright green countryside a bit, and stopped off to buy some of my favourite wine in Navan on the way home. All-in-all, a laid back and lovely day.

First off, some pictures of the famous graveyard at Kells, Co. Meath, with its incredibly old and significant High Crosses and Round Tower.  If you want the fun version of the story, you should watch the brilliantly animated The Secret of Kells, which was nominated for an Oscar a couple of years back.  Unfortunately, Kells did not seem to have much else going on, at least not yesterday, and we were drenched in a downpour, so we got back in the car and headed down the road to Cavan.

Round Tower and East Cross

Hiding from the rain!

Taking a walk in Cavan.

Evey and Mommy.

Evey and Daddy.

Lough Inchin

Today, we had to return the car.  😦 But not before a trip to Brown Hound Bakery, a legendary local coffee and cake stop I’m ashamed to admit I have NEVER been to!!! It’s not for lack of desire – no, no, no! It’s simply because this beautiful shop is just a teeny bit too far for me to walk.  At least while pushing a stroller during dubious weather patterns!!! But I have heard many wonderful things about Brown Hound (mainly from fellow bloggers, Clare K. and Gracie) and had it on my “to-do list” from the moment I rented the car.  What a great way to finish our little Easter vacation!  The coffee, donuts and cake were just as nice as ever I’d hoped, the staff friendly, and the decor of the place was chic and fun, just like its Big Brother next door, The Eastern Seaboard (also one of our favourite restaurants, when we can afford the taxi!).  Can’t wait to devour the meringue-topped cupcakes we brought home, but they’ll have to wait for after dinner (and after a little someone is in bed asleep!).

So there you go.  There are still so many places I’d love to see in Ireland… and I know people think I’m crazy for not getting away more often to see all the beauties the island has to offer.  Nevertheless, I’m glad we got to cross a few more small things off our list, and as I said before, do it at a comfortable pace.  Donegal and Kerry are not going anywhere, at least not last time I checked. 🙂


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