Old Stuff

Since I don’t have many interesting words to share, I’ll just share some recent pictures of what we’ve been up to.  Sorry for the low quality – they were taken on my phone.

First are some photos taken from the St. Mary’s Church of Ireland graveyard – the church is vacant for many years now but it seems the churchyard is still well kept and there are recent burials there in addition to very old ones.  The site itself is extremely historic in that it’s where Cromwell landed and first began his terrible trail of carnage in Drogheda back in 1649. It’s within eyeshot of Millmount Tower, which is rumored to have been built on ancient burial grounds.  As I said to Frank, if ever you were going to see a ghost in Drogheda, this would be the part of town to haunt!!!

A pool of water and forest of weeds on a neglected headstone in St. Mary’s Church of Ireland graveyard.

View from a hole in the wall.

Very old stone carvings on the church.

Centuries old churchyard of St. Mary’s Church of Ireland, surrounded by one of the last existing portions of the old wall that used to surround Drogheda.

Figurine of an aul Irishwoman as seen through the window of a charity shop.

I work in an old brewery building, aptly named “Distillery House.”  Ireland used to have local breweries in every community until a certain famous Irish Stout bought them all out and had them closed.  I’d love to know more of the history of this cool old building… sometimes I think I hear suspicious noises in the uninhabited upper floors while I’m cleaning. 🙂 But more on this old place later… for now, my focus is solely on the massive front door and getting it to look presentable.

The brass door knob on my office door… the bane of my life! Can’t seem to get it polished up to my satisfaction (yet!).

Remnants of an old brass door knocker and bell, also proving difficult to polish.


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