‘Tis the Season

Wow.  I didn’t mean to go so long without giving you an update.  Sorry, friends!

We’ve had a lot going on, as you can probably guess.  I’ve been working full time a lot more in the lead up to the holiday break, plus all the normal preparations and things that have to be tackled before blogging can even be attempted.  I’m thankful to say, however, that things are pretty well sorted now and we’re beginning to relax into the Christmas spirit.

First Visit to Santa

First Visit to Santa

Right now our house smells like caramel corn and boiling bacon.  It’s not as bad as it sounds, actually, for those who like salty-sweet things.  I had to laugh at myself when I put my biggest roasting tray of caramel corn in the oven and remembered -duh – my oven is a fraction too small for the dish.  When we got our new stove, I sacrificed that teeny amount of space for a window and there you go, my roaster no longer fits.  So I just held the oven door shut with a chair – not about to dirty another two or more pans!

I’ve done my four cookie goal as well – every Christmas I try to make four different batches of treats and while I was doubtful for a while, I did get it done.  This year, we’ve got sugar cookies, candy cane cookies, Betty Crocker “stuffed” stocking cookies, and my favorite, minty brownies (from Joy of Baking) with the addition of crushed candy canes in the mint layer.  Oh yum!  Very nearly as good as my favourite store-bought cookies, Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s from Trader Joe’s. 🙂

I also did my grandma’s Stollen again, and funny enough, this year I over-baked it a bit, I guess to compensate for under-baking last year.  Oh well.  Maybe next year it will be perfect.  Still delicious!

Speaking of all this baking, I’ve got another bun in the oven myself as well. 🙂

24 week bump

24 week bump

As for Evelyn, she turned 3 last week and wow, what a difference in the last few months!  She is so much fun, and really clever, using her imagination more and making up stories and songs all the time.  But good Lord, she is a handful!  I go about my day, patting myself on the back for my patience and calm fortitude with her constant tantrums and then suddenly *snap!*  One sends me over the edge and I turn into something out of one of Frank’s horror films.  (Seriously, I wonder sometimes if, when I lose it and shout at my child, my mouth opens to reveal multiple tongues with sharp-toothed alien heads on them.)

Evey's Birthday

Evey’s Birthday

So… that’s where we are these days. 🙂  Enjoying the beauty of the season one second, crying for mercy the second, feeling very thankful the third, and so on.   It will be an interesting Christmas for us, probably our last one in Ireland for a while and everything that entails… but more on that later.   I’d better get the cabbage and potatoes on.

Wherever you are, I wish you comfort and joy.  Tune in again soon. x


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