Calling all home cooks! A 7-Day Challenge!

Hi there – so, as we are moving soon, I’ve been going through my mountain of cooking magazines, clipping out recipes I’ve been meaning to try.  (Meaning to try for years, in most cases.)  I’ve assembled them in my kitchen journal and feel quite proud, like the book is my magnum opus, as Charlotte the spider would say!  Anyway, then I thought, “How can I remember to use this collection of food genius rather than let it sit gathering dust, as it has been for the last several (as much as 13) years?”  And I came up with the (small) challenge.

The Challenge: 7 Days of Entirely New Recipes
Who: Anyone who loves to cook, or is just in need of something new in their repertoire.
Why:  So we can share great recipes (or bemoan the not so great ones!) at the end.
When: Starting this Monday, July 1, 2013, to the following Sunday, July 7, 2013.


So, I’m going to be looking through my recipes again today and tomorrow, writing out a shopping list, and hopefully using some of those untouched spices and ingredients haunting the back of my cupboard as well!  Then, it just occurred to me this morning, why not invite others to join me?

If you’re like me, you have great intentions, but you fall back on all the “safe” meals (especially when you have a family) and end up cooking things like spaghetti, stew, curry and sausages every week.  I’d like to try cooking 7 entirely new dinners in our house just so I can find some good alternatives to work into the rotation, ha ha, but also to flex my weak cooking muscles again and hey, just make life a bit more interesting.  If you’d like to join my challenge, please do – it doesn’t have to be 7 full days of new cooking from dawn to dusk, maybe just dinners, or lunches for that matter!  Pull out some forgotten cookbooks, or go to the library, or look online!  I think it will be fun.  Then, if you’re game, drop me an email ( at the end of the week (or the beginning of the next, let’s be realistic) and tell me what your favourite recipe was, or what worked, or what was a colossal disaster, or whatever!  I’ll do up a blog post then a few days later.  Send pictures, too, if you like!  Maybe just let me know in advance if you want to take part so I’ll look for your email after the fact. 🙂

Until then – Happy Cooking!  Let the countdown to Monday begin.


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