Out with the old.

Hello friends – Happy New Year to you!  They’ve already celebrated back in Ireland and we have another 2 hrs or so to go here in Indianapolis.  So, wherever you are, I wish you the very best for 2014. 

Here’s a very abbreviated update of what’s up with us – I hope to write more at another stage, but it’s just not coming to me at the moment… and I’m not not sure how or if I will be using this blog in the New Year, for while I write about a lot of things, the main theme of “View From an Irish Back Yard” isn’t as pertinent now that I’ve moved back to the States!  On the flip side, however, you can certainly read my husband’s new blog, which details his feelings on moving over here! 

We are settled in a bit more, though still finding our way.  The biggest, best news is that Frank was hired on as a night shift supervisor in a local warehouse.  We had just sent the last of our savings for December’s rent and had no idea what we were going to do… and out of the blue, Frank was interviewed and hired on the spot just a few days later.  It was like something out of a Christmas movie, I swear to God.  So that has been an enormous sigh of relief for us, and we hope in the coming months to figure out just what this income allows us to do and how our lives fit around the unfamiliar schedule.  

We HOPE to do a lot of things in 2014… pre-school and then Kindergarten for Evey… some dance and swimming lessons for her as well… driving lessons and a driver’s license for Frank… travel around the area for some fun day trips with the kids… visit friends and family we haven’t seen for years… more freelance writing for me, if at all possible… paying back  A LOT of people… and basically finding our way as an independent family, learning what we like and where we want to be and what dreams for our future are most important (and perhaps most realistic).  This last year was certainly a stressful one, but I hope that we continue to grow closer and dearer to each other as a family.  Sometimes daily frustrations feel like they’re pushing us apart… but I pray that we will always come back to one another, love and forgive and support each other, all four of us, and Georgie, too!

Thanks for reading along, as always.  I know this isn’t my typical posting style.  If you have any thoughts or ideas that might help me find a new blogging path, I welcome them!  I’m feeling a little bit lost, truth be told, but my fingers are still itching to write.  So tell me what the people want!  I’ll try to accommodate. 🙂

Until then, Blessings, and Happy Holidays, to you and yours. 


The Kelly Kids wish you a Merry Christmas


One thought on “Out with the old.

  1. What ever and where ever you decide to blog please leave us a note here telling us where to find you. I enjoyed your postings from Ireland so much after visiting there. Sorry now for all your struggles as you return home. May 2014 be a much, much better year for your family.
    Sara J

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