Catching Up


We’ve had a pretty mild winter this year in Ireland, all things considered. I haven’t really minded being back in the world of grey skies and rainy streets because I love the contrasting warm fires and hot stews, not to mention misty mornings and lovely sunsets.  If anything, I would have liked to see a little accumulation of snow once in a while, but cold weather on its own is OK too.

So I can’t blame the winter weather blues for my absence from blogging, not really. Though I have been feeling a sort of social media fatigue that keeps me off my phone and computer when not doing actual work. Between Brexit and Trump, climate change and the housing crises, street violence and protest marches, I just feel worn down. Don’t even ask me about taxes. Even my queue of daily podcasts has been ignored more often than not as I’m just never in the mood to hear about more presidential scandals (lost count at this stage) and why no one cares about refugees (actually, I do).

But I’m still here, still glad to be in Ireland even as we are still hitting bumps in our re-assimilation and trying to re-jig the pieces of our life’s puzzle to make it work. Business as usual here!

So what AM I doing if I’m not blogging or adding to the social media melee?

I’m taking mini French lessons on Duolingo. I’m making a lot of soup (current favorite). I joined an exercise class “boot camp” at UCD that has me laughing at myself (so I don’t cry!). I’m doing a bit of covert creative writing. I’m watching clumps of sunny daffodils pop up wherever I go (Are they wild? Or did some kind soul get down on their hands and knees in the mud and plant them all over that grove of trees/highway median/cow field?). I’m accepting and returning as many hugs and kisses as I possibly can from my 17 month-old baby girl. I’m dreaming of future European family vacations, someday, hopefully before I’m 50 (have been romanced by the idea of Vannes lately). I’m trying to eat less meat and still enjoy my food (difficult, but not impossible). I’m creating scavenger hunts for my kids to get them outside more. I’m attempting to stay in touch with old friends, even if it’s just the occasional text. I’m continuing to compile a playlist of songs to enjoy when I’m relaxing. I’m reading when I can keep my eyes open at night to do so. And if we’re turning on a movie/TV show, I’m finding myself back in the old favorites before spending money on anything new (Yes, Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy is every bit as amazing as he was 20 years ago).

What are you doing to occupy yourself these days?

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