An Irish Christmas

It's dark and quiet as I sit and listen to the clock tick this early morning while I drink my tea. I'm back in the corner of the couch in the kitchen I've sat in a thousand times before, contemplating Christmas, family, and jet lag. We're home in Ireland for Christmas!! This is the first …

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Many Irish folks I know are obsessed with the weather.  Funny, perhaps, since the weather (in my view) doesn't seem to change all that much around here.  Rain, drizzle, downpour, bit of sun, drizzle, rain, drizzle, fog. Still, I have conversations about it on a daily basis with the people around me.  Seems they watch …

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5 things to know before you move to Ireland.

While there are thousands of Irish folks emigrating each year, it seems our fair isle still tempts many to move this direction and occasionally people ask me for my thoughts on moving to Ireland.  Whether it's a life-long dream or a spontaneous whim, and regardless of how long you plan to stay, there are a …

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