Making time, the Irish way

I was driving home last night with a shameful haul of used books from a local second-hand shop - it's an addiction, really - when I looked into my rearview mirror and noticed the sun setting behind a row of palm trees. It occurred to me that we've lived in California more than 2 1/2 …

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Be who you are, be the change

I remember Election Night 1992 very well. My sisters and I stayed up late to watch Rocky IV (as you do) while my parents were out at a party, and we switched it off to hear the final results.  We heard the newscaster read the percentages and say that Beverly Barnhart had won our precinct, and …

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The two things you ‘never’ talk about.

Religion and politics, right? In sensitive, politically correct America, we learn from an early age it's not polite to bring up either topic. In Ireland, pretty much the opposite is true. Now, my perception could be very easily skewed  for a couple reasons - I live in a  friendly, smallish town where people are curious about "Yanks" …

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