American Baby

We recently celebrated the first birthday of our Isla, the third (and final?) baby, the only one of my children to be born in America! She is our little ray of California sunshine, a joy to us during ups and downs, and rounds out our family of five perfectly. When I think about my pregnancy …

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Fleadh Cheoil

I just started a new job, so things have once again become hectic. Nevertheless, I've been wanting to share some photos from the fabulous Fleadh Cheoil in Drogheda last month. The Fleadh (pronounced "Flah") is a hugely popular and colourful annual festival of traditional music and dance in Ireland, and we were lucky enough to …

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Families are hard work.  There are always members, be they brothers, sisters, uncles, fathers, cousins, who will feel ostracized.  Perhaps, that was even their intention.  Perhaps not.  We fight.  Sometimes we make up.  Sometimes we sit in silence, miles away, waiting for a phone call or a visit or a letter that doesn't come for …

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