Memorable Spring and Summertime Quotes From My Life (for some strange reason or another)

“Look! There’s the Municipal Building – that’s where they keep the orphans!” – Me

“Ooohh! The poor orphans!” – Caroline


“Yeah, like we could start our own ‘Living History Family’ here and sell the kids as souvenirs.” (slides arm around me) – Kent @ the Tinsley House


“Um, what’s exactly in this dessert?” – Tony Cook @ Indian restuarant

“I dunno… rice, milk, oh! and there’s a rhinoceros toenail.” – Me


“What are we waiting on?” – Pascal Redfern @ Holland Lake canoe area

*lowering voice* “The moms are racing.” – Sam Redfern

“They’re racing now?!?” – Pascal


“Those lambs are soaking cute!”  -David, age 4


“I’ve got an ‘attraction’ idea for the Farm Festival – let’s induce the cow and everyone can watch the new calf be born!!!” – Really Clueless Marketing Rep for the Tinsley House


“How do you know when a Gilge is ready to graduate? It’s sort of like asking, ‘how do you know when yogurt has gone bad?’” – Kent Gilge @ Jesse’s graduation


“Would you look at the size of her – uh- fingernails!!!” – Cousin Ron Koopman in Atlanta


“If she were a food, what would she be?” – Me, referring to next-door roommate

“Easy Mac.” – Lindsay Dierkens


“Why is that German guy taking his shirt off and sneaking up behind Bonnie? Oh- wait – his friend is taking a picture.” – Me to Caroline on family vacation at Grand Canyon


“You can’t play MFK with Dr. Radaker! That would be like having a three-way between him and Thoreau!” – Ashley Alford


“This is the kitchen. And this is the table – they used to lay out the dead bodies here.” – Carol @ the Tinsley House


“I lost my virginity to someone’s big toe on a slip ‘n’ slide.” – Julie Harrell



I’ve been having nightmares a lot lately. People are always mad at me in them. Usually, the dreams are some variation of the following three:


Mom is mad at me (always for something ridiculous – last night it was because I was eating Pirates of the Caribbean sugary cereal)

Work is mad at me (i.e. I’m late, forgot something, or the very worst – trying to make coffee and watch movies at the same time and screw everything up)

AU is mad at me (i.e. Security comes because they find beer bottles in the dumpster, or I forget about a final exam and my profs freak out)


What does it all mean???


8 thoughts on “Memorable Spring and Summertime Quotes From My Life (for some strange reason or another)

  1. It all means you need to go out and have some real fun with some real friends.  Or… it means you need some, eh, nookie!  Yeah, that’ll cure it.  Ask your sister.

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