My New Favorite Artist…

(and, ironically, also my one-time art teacher)… Susan Hodgin



Art, and in particular, painting, is so inspiring to me. People with real talent truly put me in awe. I play at it – some still life, some mixed media, then of course, my writing – but the people who really dedicate themselves to these creations are…amazing. If I could do anything I wished this weekend, I’d fly to New York and just walk through the Metropolitan Museum of Art, alone, with some mix of Mozart and Vivaldi and Bach. And maybe a little Eva Cassidy, for good measure.


In other news… I’m sorry to report it has come to light that I’m a “touchy drinker.” This means then when I’ve thrown back a glass of wine or two, I start to hug, pat, squeeze, and otherwise touch my friends. Luckily, it’s just my friends, but still… I’m embarrassed, nonetheless, especially since I’ve never realized I do it.

“Well, I’m glad you guys left before things got crazy.”

“Hmm. When we left, you were sitting on Theo’s lap.”

“No way! Seriously?”


7 thoughts on “My New Favorite Artist…

  1. Pretty pictures!  And…touchy is better than grouchy or mean.  I’m sure Theo (whoever he is) loved it!  Is that why you kept trying to sit on my lap at the Colts game?  Okay, just kiddin’!

  2. I love you. Just the way you are. Even with the nuerotic hair picking, the chirpy bird, the Christmas Crack neighbors, and the ability to make friends with some of the weirdest people in this city. Just the way you are.

  3. MTM…you know, I’ve never thought that, but thank you.  It’s Forever 21, by the way.  The store I walk into and freak out because I think “there’s no way in hell I’d ever wear any of this stuff.” And sure enough, I walked out that day with not one, but three new shirts.  Who knew?  And I’m glad you don’t hate me.  I don’t hate you, either.

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